What people are saying about us!

How did I NOT know about this store???? I’m so excited!!! I will definitely spread the word.

- Stephanie F.

First of all, I know one of the owners and he is a really stand-up guy. So, if you are like me and like to support local businesses, this is a good option.

The store itself is very clean and well organized. The staff is friendly and attentive and will gladly help you come up with ideas. My recommendation is to go in with an open mind rather than a predetermined party theme, and let the store inspire you! They are also VERY good about responding to inquiries via social media, so I suggest checking that out as well!

- Kalli B.

I LOVE the Party Spot! I know it’s a little late but I came there around New Year’s for some decorations and New Year’s hats and they had a huge selection! Not only that they have a member discount that makes coming there for your party needs the ONLY place I go! I also had a summer BBQ last year with some of my adult friends and I bought a shark picture with a head cut out so it looked like the shark was eating you, that was a hit! This is local, it’s close to home and my #1 party shop spot!

- Emily S.

Great little local party store. The two bigger stores in the area have gone out of business, so this is a much needed addition. Lots of variety for all occasions - Ashley P.

My new favorite store. Great customer service!

- Theresa G.

Thank u for the great supplies. Loved the store!

- Pam O.

Great selection and excellent customer service.

- Heather F.

I am so glad someone opened another party supply store on the west side of town! There has been a huge lack for a couple of years.

- Cara R.

It’s here. Finally, we have a legitimate party supply store on the west side! It’s like someone took Party City and gave it a clean up job and a makeover. The Party Spot actually has decent, usable, cool party supplies. Not only is the selection wide, but it’s tasteful. The aisles are very well organized and the location is clean, convenient, and new.

The Party Spot carries a variety of themes from up-to-date kid friendly cartoon characters, to boas and tiaras for girls’ parties, to fun decorations for family barbecues. They have all the supplies, decorations, favors, and balloons you’ll need for a bash. What I really like is that instead of looking up lists or asking around, you can just walk in and come out with the right idea because they make it so easy to create a party in your head. It’s even fun just to browse the aisles. It’s like a west side Mecca for people who love to throw parties. Check it out.

- Carla L.

I originally went to Dollar Tree to be COMPLETELY disappointed! So I drove out to this store, and it was totally worth! It was small but had everything I needed. The staff was amazing. They were very helpful in knowing where things were and even grabbing items for me! - Ashley H.